COVID-19 – Lebanon Community Assistance

As you’re all aware, this global pandemic has not only hit communities in our region but has impacted Armenian communities throughout the world. For example, in Armenia the AYF and Student Association have been delivering food/supplies to villages in need, while in Lebanon the financial collapse had already created a tremendous need for assistance which was further exasperated by the pandemic where many families are now in crisis and in desperate need of assistance to sustain themselves. Our ungers are doing everything they can to meet the needs of our community there but need our help.

This anticipated minimum $35 contribution by each unger in our region will go directly to help our community in Lebanon sustain and survive during these difficult times. Please make sure to follow up on this and send in your funds ASAP as time is of the essence.

Please make a minimum $37 donation (includes $2 processing fee) or make a larger donation of your choice.

Donate $37


Donate $50


Donate $100


Donate $250